Australia’s Southern-most Railway, Lune River, Tasmania
The Ida Bay Railway is the last operating bush “tramway” in Tasmania…. and Australia’s Southern-Most Railway, located at 328 Lune River Road, Lune River Tasmania (Australia).

The Malcolm Moore Locomotives are painted in a distinctive Red and yellow design. Several of the passenger carriages are built on bogie flat wagons built in the 1890s and some of the earliest bogie wagons in Australia.

At the Lune River Station, in Far South Tasmania, you can still see relics of the limestone carrying days in the form of wagons and machinery.

The railway line itself is over 7 kms long so please allow 2 hours for the return trip.

You will be taken from Lune River through light bush to the shores of Ida Bay. The line passes through the site of the original town of Ida Bay past the wharf and grave yard that is all that remains of a once thriving area.

From there,the train takes you past the bush site of Jagers sawmill through bush and along the Lune River Estuary to Deep Hole Bay. The beach is nearly a mile long and very secluded.

At Deep Hole, there are BBQ and picnic facilities, toilets and the train will usually spend around 20 minutes there. (Depending on the time and schedule fo the day.)

There are also marked bush walking tracks down further to Southport Lagoon.

So, you can catch an early train down and stay out there till it returns and take your time to enjoy a BBQ, walks or whatever. We have also had many people take the last train out, camp overnight and return the next day :)

Bring your own lunch or have Meg’s cafe cater for you. (Please allow plenty of time for your meals to be prepared before your train trip.)

If you are considering a full day out down here in Far South Tasmania… Cockle creek is just down the road from us, the Hasting’s Caves and Lunaris Gemstones are both in the immediate area.

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