1. The above photo of the train and carriage painted green was taken about 1982 when the operation was leased to the Williams family .The first consistent effort at restoration and operation as a Heritage Tourist Railway…
    The railway previously carted limestone from a quarry to the Deep Hole.
    From 1977 tourist operation commenced for the enjoyment of the public to visit this spectacular area .
    Much changes have now been implemented to improve this service with many fun things incorporated and many more to come. Keep watching for more information.

  2. The DVD was filmed just after the Ida Bay Railway was again reopened in 2005 after a short period of closure due to maintenance issues .Parks & WILDLIFE are the owners of the site within the Ida Bay State Reserve.
    Overgrown areas of neglect at that time had a new Operator with a vision of restoration and bringing new life back to this most beautiful most Southern Railway in Australia.


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