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6 thoughts on “steamage2018

  1. Looks like a great event!!

    1. Yes, Alison. There is nothing event like the Steam Age in the Southern-most Tasmania. It would really bring the local community to live.

  2. We have noted the September dates for Steamage this year. Are you having participation by stallholders? We have just returned from Steamfest at Sheffield where we have a stall each year selling photography products –
    Please let us know if we can take part this way as we need to schedule this weekend. Thank you,

    Judy Redeker.

    1. Hi Judy,

      Thanks for your interest to participate as stallholders. Please use this form to register your interest:

      Best regards,

  3. It would be lovely to come down and ride the train.

    1. certainly, you are very welcome to ride the last operating bush tram ending at the golden beach, the Ida Bay Railway is also heritage listed.

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